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As usual on this blog, it’s about time. Yes, I always try to keep the posts short and sweet.

Yes, I’m here to tell you it is possible to make breakfast in 5 minutes or even under 5 minutes. I call it The 5 Minute Breakfast. The secret? A breakfast shake. It gets me through the mornings and gives me the energy I need for the day. Why a shake? Well, my mornings are busy. I workout early to get it out of the way. Then I get ready, get the oldest up, and begin getting breakfast for him. We visit a little but he’s usually out of it and watching cartoons. It takes him a few minutes to get going. Usually around this time the youngest ( 2yrs) is getting up and he has one speed. It’s go time with him. It’s like herding cats. They boys keep me busy. I’m trying to make sure I get the oldest to school on time and make sure I time it right to beat the traffic. My wife is also up getting herself ready and leaves earlier than we do.

I could easily skip breakfast, buy breakfast, or heat some sort of frozen meal in the microwave.  Or worse, eat some kind of breakfast bar and then get hungry later. Which leads to raid my lunch, use the snack machine, or buy fast food. All three options are bad because it will lead me to buy something that I know is probably not the healthiest which lead to gaining weight over time, waste more money, or feel unsatisfied. Or better yet, in my experience that greasy or high sugary meal just brought my energy down one my body absorb it and gets rid of it. Rinse and repeat.

So what is this shake I’m drinking. It’s called Shakeology and since I’ve been introduced to it, it has been my savior. You’ll hear me talk about this on other posts, but it’s also in the about me section on my blog. It’s there where I tell how I was introduced and how it’s helped me.

Why I like The 5 Minute Breakfast

  • time is valuable and the shake is the easiest thing for me to do
  • takes me 5 min or less to make a shake which keeps me from skipping breakfast or buying more food in the morning
  • it gives me energy for day
  • knowing that for 1 meal I’m at least giving my body the nutrients it needs
  • it allows me more time to make sure I have everything I need in the morning before I leave. more time to visit with family and not rushing because I or we have to cook more food
  • cuts down on dishes and clean up time which is awesome
  • less stressful because I don’t have to wash a lot of dishes when I get home & mama hates a dirty kitchen
  • it’s delicious and I’ve honed my go to recipes to perfection, practice makes perfect
  • less stressful if I wake up late, running late, or something with the boys happens because I know I can make a shake in 5 minutes or less
  • it’s portable, which is awesome and convenient

What can Shakeology do for you? This quick 4 minute video will give you an idea.

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