Shakeology, Can it help with migraines?

ID-100235774Shakeology a possible cure for migraines? I can’t make that claim. As a Beachbody Coach we (coaches) can’t make that claim.  Nor is the company making that claim. I’m not a doctor making this claim either. What I can tell you are stories of about how Shakeology has helped those who suffer from migraines. One particular story that stands out is my wife’s. She suffers from migraines. She would get them at least weekly. All I know is she would have to go lay down in a dark room for a while to recover. In some cases it would get so bad that she would throw up or come close to it. I’ve never experienced this but watching her go through it sucks. Do you remember Super Bowl champ Terrell Davis for the Denver Broncos? During the Super Bowl (this is late 90s) he was suffering from a migraine and he was mic’d up. He was in and out of plays. He turns to head coach Mike Shanahan says, “I can’t see”. His migraine was so bad his vision temporarily gone. Shanahan said don’t worry just get in there as a decoy and come out. Crazy. Same thing happens to my wife when the migraines are bad. She would take medication often for them. She tried a lot of different “natural methods” to reduce her migraines but nothing seemed to work, except her weekly migraine medicine that would also “knock” her out. But she was tired of taking meds and “knocking out” for a few hours. Some times we had plans and we had to wait. It was a painful inconvenience. Then, a couple of years ago we were introduced to Shakeology, a wellness shake, that would serve as a healthy daily supplement. One of the main benefits she noticed was as she  continued to use it her migraines were not as frequent. In a couple of months she was hardly having any migraines. She wasn’t taking her medication because she wasn’t having them. Now she can count the number of migraines on one hand in a year. She does not need her medication. The doctor said she can continue to take it as needed or I should say hardly ever. When you think about all the medication ever did was help deal with the symptom but the shakes  have helped prevent them. Shakeology has helped her in many ways but this one is truly at the top. Not only is the medication reduced and but the migraines are pretty much gone. No more dealing with it on a weekly basis or the terrible nauseous feeling. You can’t put a price on that benefit for her. Let’s not forget those pills were $75 a pop. That would add up a couple of times a month. Is Shakeology a possible cure for migraines? No, not making that claim. No one is. All I can do is tell you the greatest benefit it has been for my wife.

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