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My name is Bryan Munoz. I’m married and a proud father of two boys. Boys who keep me busy and staying young. I have background in exercise and nutrition. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I’m currently getting my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

I created this site for busy fathers who used to exercise and then stopped because of starting a family or have a difficult time balancing work, family, and their health like what happened to me. I promise to show you how you can skip the busy gym and rush hour morning and afternoon traffic which will give you more time to focus on yourself and your family by helping you choose an in home exercise and nutrition program that fits your needs and fitness level.  By offering the tools and support you need to help you balance work, family, and you health to get you in the best shape of life . Backed by my experience feeling frustrated with crowded gyms, time wasted waiting for equipment to use rush hour traffic, classes that didn’t fit my schedule, and the inability to balance my own life between work, family, and my health. Using my experience I can show you how to bring balance to back your life with the success I’ve had using in home fitness programs using a proven fitness model that includes fitness, nutrition, and support.


The story:

I played a lot of sports growing up, competing in martial arts through college. I’ve blown out my knee and have some early arthritis in my knee joints. I had trouble balancing my family and health with work. When our first son was born I was a mess. I stopped exercising, I had horrible eating habits, and I was feeling overwhelmed. I was depressed when I blew out my knee which made things worse because I gave up. I continued to eat horribly.  It was easy to blow off the gym. I would come home straight from work to spend time with our son before he went to bed. It was too easy to stay home and not go back out to the gym. I had zero motivation. I fell into this comfortable pattern of laying around watching television, snacking, eating out, and doing no physical activity. Until…One day I was looking at pictures of myself. You want to know my reaction? It was a wtf moment. I remember saying “holy shit, this is disgusting”. I was really disappointed in myself. I can’t believe I let this happen. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained. I put on about 45-50 extra pounds over a couple of years.  When I look back, I was ignoring the problem hoping it would go away. I was wondering what my friends were saying about me. I’m sure it was something like “wow, Bryan has gained a crap load of weight”. I began to feel embarrassed. That worst part was is that I have background in exercise and nutrition. I questioned myself. How I was I expected to help others when I couldn’t help myself? Who would listen to me? How am I leading by example? This is my life now. I’m working and raising a family so that must mean my exercise days are over. I really was a mess. Seeing myself was a huge wake up call. I didn’t want my son growing up with bad habits by watching me. I didn’t want to indirectly show him bad habits.

I made the commitment to go back to the gym. I went to after work because I it was the best time for me and the easiest way to do it. But, it wasn’t easy. I found it harder to get to stick with the gym after work. Here’s why…I wanted to come home to spend time with my son. I haven’t seen him all day and by the time I got home, from the gym, he was ready for bed in an hour or so. I also hated the rush hour traffic. I’m trying to rush to the gym so I can beat the crowds. I like to get my workouts done quickly and efficiently so I can be home. Except, the crowds slowed me down. Thus, making my workouts longer. I was adding at least an extra 30 minutes to my time. There is nothing worse than standing around waiting for equipment to use or having to settle for something else. It messes up your whole routine. I didn’t like waiting because the goal is to get home. I also hated hunting down dumbbells or weight plates to use. Then, certain classes I liked weren’t offered at the right time or they were very crowded. Thus, my dilemma. I decided to wait until later in the evening to go. I could come home see my son, eat, and then go to the gym. I would show up about 8 or 9 PM. It was harder because if we planned anything I either had to skip our plans or the gym. If my wife has something to take care of I couldn’t go. If we get caught running errands in the evening or had fix something that means I’m getting to the gym even later. I don’t feel like coming home at 11 Pm. Depending on your gym they may close at 10 or 11 PM. Truthfully I got tired of crowded machines, equipment, classes, dirty locker rooms, and showers.

I decided to go in the mornings before work. The mornings worked well for a little while before I ran into a couple of problems. I didn’t like showering at the gym and getting ready for work there. Yes, it is a very doable work around. But, I told you, I don’t like dirty ass locker rooms. I have to bring my clothes and lock away my stuff. I have to make sure I don’t forget anything so I don’t have to go back home. It was also pain eating breakfast. I either bring my food, come back home, or buy something. These are extra steps I don’t need. I worked around them until…my son started going to daycare and then elementary school. I’m the one that takes him to school. No problem. Except, now I have to wake up earlier to be at the gym by 5 AM, when they open. My workouts must be 60 minutes max. I need to make sure I’m not running late so I can be back in time to get ready and take him to school. This was another extra step I didn’t need.

Around this time I was introduced to P90X and Shakeology by a friend. Yes, I’d seen the infomercials before and dismissed it as another gimmick. Workout dvds, really? That’s for the uneducated people. But it was from a trusted friend, who was also in the health industry. We talked for a bit and he said just check it out and you can workout from home. Working at home sounded like a great idea. I had some dumbbells at home and so I gave it a try. This was an absolute game changer for me. Exercising at home was perfect. No more crowds, inconvenient class times, nasty locker rooms, no afternoon rush to the gym, and no more morning rush back home. It was perfect. Why I didn’t think of this before or even workout at home with my own routine? I don’t know. It was awesome. I had the freedom to set my own schedule. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to help out and make a recommendation. Fast forward again and now we have two kids which makes things a little more difficult but the ease of working at home helps cure everything.

I lost about 15 pounds using the P90X program. It was awesome. I followed it up with Insanity (high intensity program) and lost another 15 pounds. Shakeology was also a game changer for me. All these programs helped spring board me into better nutrition habits again. But, Shakeology was a huge change for me. This shake helps me get in my daily dose of dense nutrition. Sometimes I may slide with my vegetables and this shake makes sure I at least have 1 meal I can count on. The main reason is it was a game changer for me is time. I can make a 5 minute or less shake for a healthy breakfast saving me time with less cooking and clean up. I talk about my breakfast shake in this post called The 5 Minute Breakfast .  I love the fact that I can workout at home, set my own schedule. It’s so much easier to stay at one place get my workout done. I can spend a little more time with my family and help out more around the house. My workout schedule now is flexible in case I have to change things. I’m more in control and that feels great.


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