How To Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated by drinking all day is a tough thing to do. Especially with all the distractions like work, family, errands, and everything else in our daily lives. Plus, it’s especially hard if you’re use to drinking anything but water. You know drinks like sodas, fruit punches, coffee, and so on.  They’re plenty of benefits to staying hydrated. For example, increased energy, flushing out toxins, aid in digestion, preventing muscle cramps, fatigue, keeps you, etc. Our bodies have a tendency to mix up food and thirst signals. Chances are you’re probably dehydrated and not hungry. Try drinking water.  I could literally do an entire week’s worth of posts dedicated to water. We don’t have time for that right now. “Aint nobody got time for that”, haha.

Lets dive into right now. Here is my How To Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated.

Treat this like any other goal. Write it down. Be specific what you will do; how will you do it, and the benefits it will do for you. Also include a deadline. You want to drink how many glasses a day by what date.  Challenge your self. Try doing this 21 days. It takes 21 days to form a happy. Repetition.  If you miss a day. Start over. Track it on a calendar.

Lets start with “The Glass”. Or the mug, cup, water bottle, whatever you want to use. This will set the tone. Make it fun. Something that is large, bright, has pictures on it,  something you like. This is “the water glass”. This bad boy is your new partner. It will remind you to drink and refill as needed. Your “signature glass”.

If your glass, mug, or whatever you use doesn’t have the ounces on it be sure to measure that. You can fill it up and then pour into a measuring cup to see what the amount is.

Tracking. You can use an app to track this to make it easier instead of manually marking on piece of paper. But do what’s comfortable for you. Set reminders throughout the day to make sure you’re drinking water.  I like using an app. My favorite app is the “Water Your Body” app. It will track it and send you a reminder if you haven’t entered that you’ve drinking some water. What I like about this app is that you can enter the size of your glass and when you’re tracking all you do is tap the screen it will continue to track the ounces for the day. It will also display a graph charting your intake daily, weekly, etc. Another good feature is it automatically calculates how much water you should drink based on body weight. Although there isn’t a specific amount of water to drink daily, a general rule is drink half your weight in ounces. The app handles that for you. Pretty cool and simple.

Flavor the water. If you just can’t stomach the taster of water, flavor it. Although I bet you could if you were stranded in a desert. Flavor the water by squeezing a lemon or a lime into it. You can also use cucumbers or mint. You can also look up how infuse your water with various fruits, vegetables, etc. Get creative. This is huge help and it will make water fun and more enjoyable to drink.

Make it a game or a challenge. Try to drink a certain number of glasses by a certain time. Set a timer. For example try to finish two glasses by noon and two more before the drive home or two more before the end of dinner. Another good way is fill up a giant mug and make sure you drink it all by day’s end or maybe two.

That’s it. A very simple way of How To Drink More Water & Stay Hydrated.  Have fun with it and you’ll be drinking water like clockwork.

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