My Top 5 Freezer Items

DSCN1032[1]This post is about my top 5 freezer items I recommend you stock as staples in your meal planning. By now, you know I’m all about being quick and efficient. As parents we value our time. In order for us to stay on track with our nutrition we also need to stock our freezer with certain staples. This is similar to my post about stocking your pantry.

My Top 5 Freezer Items 

  • Frozen berries:  All other frozen fruit is great and I recommend you buy all kinds of fruit. But, if there is one type of fruit to buy it’s berries. They are very versatile. You can thaw them for fruits snacks. You can add them to oatmeals, trail mixes, yogurts, pancakes, or make parfaits. You can also add them to shakes or smoothies.
  • Frozen vegetables: Easy. Simple as that. Just heat them up, season to taste, and enjoy. Use as a side dish or add to stews and soups. These also have a variety of uses.
  • Brown Rice: Just plain easy. In my opinion this the next best way to prepare if you don’t own a rice cooker. Brown rice can take a while to cook and sometimes, as dads, we’re busy with household chores and extracurricular activities with the kids.  You can combine with vegetables, use as a side dish, or add it to casserole, etc. Season to taste and enjoy.
  • Meat & Poultry: When you can, buy these on sale and stock up. Buying in bulk also helps.
  • Seafood: Frozen Fish fillets. If you can get them individually vacuumed packed that is best because it helps prevent freezer burn. Or vacuum seal them yourself.

Honorable mention: Whole wheat pizza dough. Stores very well in the freezer. I never thought about this one but I’ve seen a lot people use it and I can see why. Pizza won’t get old because of all the different combinations with various toppings and sauces. So this is something I’ll definitely be doing from now on. It’s great for the entire family.


  • Whole grain bread: I talked about having this in my pantry post. But bread spoils easily and freezing it works very well. It keeps longer and better. If it’s fresh bread wait until it cools then freeze to prevent soggy and moldy bread.
  • Nuts: I also talked about keeping these in the panty. You can also freeze these. They last longer.
  • Bananas: Another pantry staple but you can also freeze them.


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