What Fitness Equipment Do I Need For My P90X Programs?

band_completekit_lgToday’s post I will deal with “What fitness equipment do I need for my P90X programs?“.

You just bought P90X and you’re ready to begin. But wait? What Fitness equipment do I need for my P90X programs? Well my friends you’re in luck. I’ve put together a little guide here to show you what you will need and what I recommend. First, lets agree right now we need weights or resistance bands. Are you with me? I’ll say it again, you need resistance equipment. If you don’t have any equipment you won’t see results because the program won’t be effective. Here is a small list equipment you will use. This isn’t ranked in any particular order.




Pull up bar I highly recommend. This is the best way to do more pull ups and build a strong back. Using resistance bands will still get the job done but not as effective as the bar. If you’re not strong enough don’t worry flip between the two. Or use the chin up max. The chin up max will give you extra support to help with pull ups. Just follow the workout videos. You got this.

Resistance bands or dumbbells? Great question. Equally as good and effective. You need either for any P90X workout. What separates resistance bands from dumbbells is they are portable and take up less space. Especially if you travel a lot the resistance bands are perfect. Carry them with you no problem. They come in different levels of strength. I take these with me when I need to travel. Each video always has someone using the bands. I love dumbbells because you can increase the resistance big time and in my opinion forces you to use more of your core. The con here is that you need a lot.  What comes in handy are the new line of all-in-one dumbbell systems. A lot of coaches use these and recommend them. I haven’t tried any yet because I have a almost a full set of dumbbells. I know Bowflex, Powerblock, and SelectTect make them. Basically you’re replacing a collection of dumbbells with an adjustable set.


Stability Ball. You will need this especially for P90X2. You do lots of workouts using this as your chair. Stability balls work great because it forces you to engage your core more.

Power stands. Great for increase range of motions during push ups. You don’t necessarily need these, but it does give you an added dimension to your workouts and make you work a little harder. I like using them. Plus it’s a little easier on the wrists by reducing the stress on the joint.

Yoga mat. Great for yoga and jumping exercises (plyometrics).  You need this especially if you don’t have any soft surface. I recommend a mat because it’s soft and better than your carpet.

Yoga blocks. These are great if you have limited range of motion. Basically if you’re inflexible these will help you. They aid you by being an extension of your arms.

Foam roller or the rumble roller. You will use this during P90X2. Is it a must have? No. But, I highly recommend buying and using it. I love them. What makes this product great is that it helps with mobility and flexibility. Especially if you have no flexibility at all. This will help loosen the muscle, it will help with recovery, it will improve your mobility and flexibility . Check out my post about using a foam roller to help with knee joints HERE.

Medicine Balls. You will need those for P90X2. Adds a new dynamic with your exercise routines. Very versatile.

There you go. You’re answer to the question, “What fitness equipment do I need for my P90X programs?

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