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First off, I had great success using Insanity and lost 15 pounds. Here is what led me to it. I was active and going to the gym before kids. After kids it went down hill from there. I let myself go. Kept telling myself there wasn’t enough time and truthfully I didn’t feel like going anymore. The traffic battle there after work and the crowds waiting to use equipment was annoying me. I didn’t want to spend 75-90 minutes in the gym. I want to get home to my family. I want to get in and get out for workouts. Mornings didn’t work because the gyms aren’t open earlier enough for me to get there and I didn’t want to use those nasty showers anyway. Nothing seem to work. I wanted to exercise at home. This is where Insanity comes in. I discovered the in home fitness programs from a friend of mine. Typically, before, I wasn’t into exercise dvds but I was willing to give it try because I was tired of the gym and wanted to exercise in home. I can workout at home now in 60 min or less. I love it. It’s been 2 years and I’ve never looked back.

Let’s review, shall we. First, this program is legit. I knew it was intense and it looked the part. But nothing at all what I expected. You get 10 dvds, each containing a different workout. They range from 35-60 minute workouts. You also get a calendar to track your workouts and a elite nutrition guide. The nutrition guide is cool because it gives you the formula for your calorie intake. It has plenty of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners.

The workout. It’s intense. You can burn up to 900-1000 calories an hour. I will caution you because there is a lot of jumping. It’s a high intensity workout. If you have knee issues you may want to consider a different program. Although you don’t have to jump or jump as high. You can modify. The tricky thing about Insanity is you have to learn to pace yourself because if you try to keep up you will fade quickly. The adrenaline gets flowing and you use the group pushing it. It’s like running that first 5k. The crowd is there and the runners. Then bang. It’s go time. You take off fast then by the first mile you’re done. It’s the same thing here. Pace yourself. There are plenty of cues through the workouts to break and get water.

You know the best part of starting this or any other Beachbody program? Is that I’m your coach. I’ll be there to help you get started, stay motivated, support you, and ¬†share tips that helped me.

The Program is for:

  • Those in decent shape and looking for the next level to bust through plateaus
  • Even those who regularly run can find their performance improved through Insanity’s
  • cardio and resistance training
  • People who love cardio
  • Former high school/college athletes

If you’re ready for the challenge. Let’s get started. You have a couple of options. Most people get a challenge pack which includes the very tasty exotic superfood shake: Shakeology. Find out more about Shakeology HERE.

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