How To Develop A Healthy Eating Plan in 6 Weeks

saladI’ve uploaded a pdf with tips on how to develop a healthy eating plan in 6 weeks.  It’s very basic. No extreme changes that will shock you or any cleanses. It’s a simple plan as opposed to a 3 week transition. No need to feel overwhelmed.

Simply click on the link below and save/print the image. It’s a very easy transition. Especially if you struggle sticking with healthy eating habits and portion control.  It will guide you into eating more whole foods and better plate distribution.  You will work on eliminating “junk” food, fast food, focus on frequent smaller meals.  Notice the changes as you go through the plan especially at week 3. How do you feel? What do you like best? Have you lost weight? Changes like craving the “junk” food like sweets, chips, or fast food.  One thing not mentioned in here is that I recommend drinking water as much as possible. Try eliminating sodas, lemonades, kook-aids, etc.  I always find it easier to stop buying any thing that will derail your progress. If it’s not in the house you can’t eat it. A moderate approach may be to start buying smaller packages or sizes. For example, no 12 packs just 6 packs. Changes like that can really help. I’ve also attached Michi’s Ladder for added benefit.  Michi’s Ladder is another way to substitute foods.  Use it if you like when following the guide on how to develop a healthy eating plan in 6 weeks.

6 Wk Diet Transition Plan


Click through here for my tips on a Healthy Pantry.

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