Archive | May, 2014

How to Goal Set for Successful Weight loss

Today we will focus on how to goal set for successful weight loss.  How you can stay motivated on your weight loss journey. Jon Acuff talks lot about this in his 30 Days of Hustle groups. He also has great book called Starting. Based on my experience as a health coach where we learned to use the […]

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Simple Tips To Reduce Bloating

  There may be a number of reasons why you’re bloated and even retaining water. It could be hormonal changes, medications, bad diet, not enough water, no enough sleep, alcohol, or allergies. I’m focusing on the common reasons and we won’t focus on hormonal or medication reasons today.  I’ve put together a few simple tips […]

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What Fitness Equipment Do I Need For My P90X Programs?

Today’s post I will deal with “What fitness equipment do I need for my P90X programs?“. You just bought P90X and you’re ready to begin. But wait? What Fitness equipment do I need for my P90X programs? Well my friends you’re in luck. I’ve put together a little guide here to show you what you will […]

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